What is the difference between Pebble Tec and plaster?

Plaster/marcite is a combination of cement, sand, and calcium carbonate (plaster dust). When applied it is troweled until the “cream” is brought to the surface. In that cream is calcium carbonate and cement. The cream hardens and becomes a protective cream is calcium carbonate and cement. The cream hardens and becomes a protective layer. It is approximately the thickness of two to three sheets of paper. This is why an acid bath is damaging to plaster/marcite, because the protective layer is so thin. In addition you have to dissimilar surfaces, the protective layer and the sandy cement material underneath which will cause separation or popping if the pool is left drained. A Pebble Tec finish is purely cement and stone without calcium carbonate. There is no cream to be brought to the surface and the entire to 1/2″ coating is the same all the way through . The pure  cement is much more resistant to acid and of course the stones are impervious to acid.

Pebble-Tec is made up primarily of small pebbles, white portland cement, and coloring. What makes this product unique are the pebbles themselves. These pebbles are harvested from around the world for their color, size, and smooth shape and are combined to create a wide range of colors. Typically 90% of the finish exposed to the water is stone that is not affected by the waters chemistry, leaving only 10% (cement) that can be affected by the water. Standard plaster finishes by contrast have 100% of their finish affected by water chemistry. This translates into a more durable surface that is more forgiving of the pools water chemistry.

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