We are a certified Pebble Tec® applicator in Southwest Florida and share in their mission to bring the finest interior surfaces and incomparable warranty to pool owners. We are also proud to say we are certified installers of other quality interiors including Beadcrete (now Pebble Tec), Florida Stucco, StoneScapes and CLI products.




With Pebble Tec® Your Design Choices Are Unlimited.

Pebble Tec® is the original pebble pool finish and still delivers the enduring natural elegance and durability that combines beauty with exceptional value. With 18 attractive colors, their original pool interior is the perfect choice for those seeking a more natural look for their pools, spas or water features.

Pebble Tec® Pool Finishes

Pebble Tec® is the most unique pool finish available combining both superior durability and extraordinary beauty

What is a Pebble Tec® Pool Finish?

Pebble-Tec is made up primarily of small pebbles, white portland cement, and coloring. What makes this product unique are the pebbles themselves. These pebbles are harvested from around the world for their color, size, and smooth shape and are combined to create a wide range of colors

How durable is Pebble Tec®?
Typically 90% of the finish exposed to the water is stone that is not affected by the waters chemistry, leaving only 10% (cement) that can be affected by the water. Standard plaster finishes by contrast have 100% of their finish affected by water chemistry. This translates into a more durable surface that is more forgiving of the pools water chemistry.

Why Pebble Tec®?

VALUE: An Owner-Friendly Investment

A Pebble Tec® finish is a value added investment in your pool’s appearance and lifespan. Pebble Tec’s 95% pebble surface resists discoloration, mottling, scaling, and staining, which means a lifetime of worry free relaxation for you. An enduring natural pool finish giving your pool a long lasting finish that looks like new for a lifetime.

QUALITY: Licensed Applicators And Support Technicians

A Pebble Tec finish is a long-term investment in your pools look and finish. Pebble Tec’s mining and material processing is strictly quality controlled, and their infield quality control technicians work as a team with its licensed applicators, ensuring unrivaled field support for your investment.

EXPERIENCE: The Original Plaster Alternative

Pebble Tec® Natural Pebble Finishes are the original. They are the experienced leader, with carefully selected, trained and licensed applicators that guarantee a quality application and a durable and luxurious finish, from start to finish.

GREEN: The Natural Choice

Pebble Tec® is an all-natural stone surface, while others use dyed or painted materials; our environmentally-friendly stones are carefully selected, available in 40 different luxurious colors for a superior quality pool finish.

For more information, visit Pebble Tec®’s website at www.pebbletec.com.
Siesta Pebble is here to help you transform your pool into something unique to your needs and your lifestyle. We can change the look to fit your personal style. We can install a high quality pebble or bead Crete interior; add a custom water feature or spa to your existing pool. We can also upgrade to an automated control system, replace your old equipment and/or add new decking or tile. Whatever your pool needs are, Siesta Pebble can see your vision to the finish. There are a few basic things to consider when remodeling your pool:

Interior Finish

Bead Crete This is a beautiful interior aggregate pool finish created with glass beads that look remarkable under both natural and artificial lights.

StoneScapes Regular or Mini Pebble is a naturally beautiful look of a pebble-bottomed stream with an Inviting selection of colors and textures that give you the opportunity to express your unique style. StoneScapes combine artistry with durability, comfort, and safety to create a perfect finish for your pool or spa.

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Pool Renovations

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